October 24, 2014

Fanny Kelcey

GoneAgain took the hashers to where no one had run before, to the top of Kelcey Tier... Bastard scared the incidental locals at the carpark by accusing them of taking up the entire space with their ute when he arrived but apologised very sincerely when he was later told they were not hashers. He was put the spot and uttered a nonchalant 'sorry', a word most prime ministers are not brave enough to verbalise.

Fanny May had decked out the entertainment area with valuable art-deco furniture to make us all comfortable. Cheese made himself comfortable on the most expensive museum piece and smashed it into bits accidentally. FM was worried sick he'd injured himself.  FM then dished out leftovers (that GA refused for lunch) and her signature chocolate brownies which blew away the troops. BedPan managed to stay safe thanks to a yellow stripe painted on the deck especially for her and her kind. Suggestions were made FM needs to fence off the entire deck to keep Hashers in and ensure safety (of the neighbours?).


Run       When                  Who                                           Where
1741       27/10/2014         Crab                                            Otto’s Grotto, Ulverstone
1742       03/11/2014         Soff                                             40 Esplanade Turners Beach
1743       10/11/2014         Thrust or Triple Top (AGM)        TBC
1744       17/11/2014         FC                                              TBA
1745       24/11/2014         Dint                                             TBA
1746        01/12/2014        Triple Top or Thrust                 TBC
1747        08/12/2014        T/B/A                                        TBA
1748        15/12/2014        T/B/A                                        TBA
1749       22/12/2014         Cheese (Christmas Run)             Amherst St West Ulverstone

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