October 15, 2014

Coles Beach and Upcuming Runs

Run       When                  Who                          Where

1740       20/10/2014         FM & GA                  Durkins Rd, Kelcey Tier (Quarry).
                                                                           On On at 
0 James Street.
1741       27/10/2014         Crab                         TBA
1742       03/11/2014         Soff                           TBA
1743       10/11/2014         Thrust (AGM)            TBA
1744       17/11/2014         FC                             TBA
1745       24/11/2014         Dint                            TBA
1749       22/12/2014         Cheese (Xmas Run)  Amherst St West Ulverstone

Tracka giving us the ins and outs on the trail. FOUR kg of flour was allegedly used to set it. He must have been very hungry, as little was left for us to find.
Run 1739       Set by Tracka & Tinsel from Coles Beach. Tracka made four statements prior to the start. 1. That it was not a short run  2. That it was not  long run  3. That there was virgin territory  That there was a nude photo shot taking place en route (so to speak).  Well two out of four is only just a pass. It was not a short run! There was virgin territory! (Tracka got lost in the Coles Beach hinterland but continued to lay trail until he stumbled on the walking track. Thank goodness we had Lantern with his superior survival and navigations skills or we still might have been there.)  That is where the truths finished. The on-on in the BBQ area was sumptuous and highlighted by Cheese’s headlights (Hi-beam we needed you.) The rest of the evening was taken up by Crow moaning about being attacked by a huge man eating dog who wanted to chew on his bone.
Thanks Tracka and Tinsel.


Ed. A range of unclaimed lost property was found along the Virgin territory by GoneAgain who combed the virgin bush repeatedly and was sure no humans had ever been there - hence any item of clothing must therefore belong to us...

Ed. Also, We should mention the two huge Lamingtons we got to divy up for desert and the 10 day old salads brought by Crow - which he was glad we could not see or eat as there was little light and no plates/implements. GoneAgain tried hard to eat the salads but got most of it on his shirt/ground. No-one died.

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