April 5, 2014

Latrobe's secret Marathon

Artists impression of the runner's trail as was sophistically reconstructed based on reliable
witness reports by forensic experts. The actual route is <here>...
Mostly without torches an unsuspecting horde of hashers sauntered down River Road from the peaceful Bells Parade. The trail veered off into the bush to Lochner road. This goes straight up Dooley's Hill. By the time we hit the walking tracks there the wise headed down the hill back to Bells Parade, the less wise continued on trail. The fitter and smarter walkers went through the reserve and then back down to Bells via Latrobe but the silliest and most foolhardiest Hashers like Guardy and the other unstoppables continued on trail to complete the almost 11km, 4 kg of flour, run.

Quiche made by Tinsel, with snags and stuff, complete with beetroot in tricky receptacles at the OnOn for a couple of beers.


Next run behind the Spreyton Primary School on Bay Drive. Meet at the carpark where Guardsvan will greet us.

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