April 13, 2014

Last chance to swim

Guardy's run last Monday went off as per usual except for the curried sausages. Due to misleading weather forecasting the OnOn was arranged to be at Lantern's place where Guardy's mobile kitchen served us greasy Spag Bog which the near starving Hashers demolished. But back to the run, as was expected the run led us into Kelcey Tier, with a Rambo/Whimp sign above the lawn cemetery. The walkers got onto the trail there and descended into the graveyard via a dark woody track. As it was dark and drizly the LED decorations on the wet glistening stones nicely lit the scene for us. Cheered up by this scenic surprise we followed trail till it hit Devonport Road where the rain helped us Hash on home, unanimously ignoring the trail heading North. The runners were still out in the wet forest looking for flour.

So anyways, that is over and done, Guardy has left the state, and next run at BedPans. She is turning off the heating to the pool for the season and so she has declared it mandatory for all hashers to have a dip before dinner is served. The theme is CFNM, and if that confuses you follow this <link>.

Whoops photo got censored!!!

Monday 14 April 2014 630pm - 11a Percey Street, Devonport.

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