October 9, 2013


A small pack of 14 gathered at the Forth Footy Ground for the first daylight saving run. Thrust set a walkers and runners trail, with less flour , than you would need to bake a batch of scones,  but the groups headed off into the township , only to find that the walkers went left and the runners went right , just over the bridge. The walkers went down the road to the Excess Water Rates  Building and Ba*tards daily abode. The runners found their way to Killers house with a Master Check out the front. We found Killer not at home , we shouted for Lucky Bitch, to bring out food . but with no reply , we headed up the hill to a master check at Guard’s house. No food or drinks there either, so on up another hill to another M/C. A short recovery stop and then on up to the top of the Forth hill. The competitive hashers of Boner and Foghorn , came into a shown down as Froghorn , thought he was a front running ba*stard and Boner thought he had to be chased down and beaten to the bottom . A Virgin hasher to Devonport; Softcock from the Gay Chardy Hashers in Hobart , was setting the fast pace, Foggy was flat strap trying to keep up and Boner was full stride and on a mission . A check at the bottom of the hill took Softcock and Eagle up into the back streets of Forth ,while the rest of the runners said , f*ck it , lets go eat.  Enough food for a Henry 8th  banquet arrived, with hot chips, Pizza and hot chicken , so at the end , Foggy had enough food left to take home for his supper.
A new hasher came with Thrust, he just so happened to be Mullets brother, so his new name is “Nemo”. Great prizes flowed from the wrigged waffle with Maggie lucky enough to again win some more glasses to fill up his china cabinet. Fanny May won a beautiful pink PIG and Eagle won the “odd socks” wine.
Darkness came , hashers went home , to get ready for next weeks run , to be set by Guardy .
Meet at the quarry car park at Cisten’s Dad’s track , near the big lizard – Durkins Road Spreyton .
Meet at the usual time – 6.30 ish.
Bring your normal shit.

On On


As is the Fake Webwankers right:-  The wrigged raffle saw Prizes come & go, swapped & eaten:- Triple Top lent her ADDIHASH top to Foghorn "never to be seen again", Cheese won $100 sunnies that FannyMay stole, Bald Eagle came away with the real goods, i.e. Bottle of Red & Fanny May was given the major prize of the evening after a name change to "Porker":- 

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