August 3, 2013

Bedpan Needs Froggy

Yes, you read it right. Bedpan needs a frog. Not the kind you kiss and turn into a prince, just a plain one for her pond. If in doubt bring one of each.

So if you do have a frog bring it with you to Bedpan's run next Monday 5 August! Her place is behind the pond at 11a Percy Street, Devonport.

Speaking of frogs, last week's run by Foghorn was well timed between the rain showers. We found the RW sign and all in the burb of Spreyton. His soup and snags were of the usual standard and none complained because he redeemed himself by serving us chocolate cake and port.

Still no rigged raffle. Attendance at hash is declining steadily as we all know what we're really coming for; lousy raffle prizes. Where are those expired Kmart bra catalogs, ill fitting T-shirts, caps and expired chocolates?

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