July 26, 2013


Hardcore hashers like Bedpan, SuperSal and the likes showed up for a run last Monday night with the others still hiding from winter in far corners of the world.... Guest appearance by John Henry in the guise of Foghorn came from South America with empty hands (not even a well worn red T-shirt), en-route to Melbourne for some soccer match. Crow ran us to West Ulvie and back, fed us good and then kicked us out. 1080 and young Michael made a cameo appearance handing out Michael's candies for desert. John Foghorn Henry was off early as he had to fly to Melbourne to roll out the red carpet for Cheese, Boner and Bastard, and meet his Liverpoool fans.

According to the telex above, received from Rosebud Victoria, our next run (on Monday 29 July at 630pm) is from the Spreyton IGA, and the OnOn is in Talbor Court up on Foggies Hill.

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