March 16, 2012

St Patricks Starter

Thanks to our geography Australia is one of the first places on our earth to celebrate St Patricks Day. But, alas, 10 hours earlier than Ireland was not enough. Devonport Hash decided to celebrate St Patricks day 5 days ahead of the rest of the world.

Due to poor advertising of the event not all punters showed up in green, but a green St Paddies balloon fixed that. Why would any self respecting Hasher run through town carrying a green balloon and surrounded by Leprechauns? Well, the promise of a Guinness at Mollies did the trick.

As the walkers bee-lined to the pub the runners wound their way through town and still beat us for a drink. Staff at Mollies duly accepted our StPaddies offering in the shape of a balloon and gave each of us a half pint of Guinness in return.

Back at the OnOn the Queen of Leprechauns, Fanny O'Mae, had heated up the pies that were donated by the Wagyu Pie Company & Bakehouse in Devonport. Also out of the MKR wannabee chief appeared moist turkey and gravy and chicken kebabs, green frog in jelly desert and port.

Next Run on Monday 19 March, 630pm set by Bastard from Ferndene Reserve (off Ironcliffe Road) (not the Gnomen car park)!


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