March 27, 2012

Bad Bull

The Bad Bull tonight was Flasher for raffling his shirt off due to lack of quality prizes, or perhaps lack of sponsors. His runaround the burb, looking for contours to compete with Bastard's run did not rate high for the skimpy pack that kept on complaining about everything. Only three true believers perservered to complete the cunning trail. UFO cooked up a BBQ storm and we tried hardto make the new Bluff BBQ site unsavoury with our company. We scared off noone and even gave cake offerings to curious Asian tourists.

Runkeeper was kept by Dini today, the Hub went to Flasher, and his new shirt went to Crow.

Next week's r#n (2 April 630pm) from Plunger's place on Stoney Hill Road. Remember to bring torches and be on time or you'll miss the bus up the hill.
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Oh, PS from Burnie Trash:

Up and cumming….

April 7th or 8th?, Easter ———Dini and the hot cross bunnies @ Baker’s Beach for ?? combined Burnie and LoonRhasHLoonRhasHLoonRhasH

  • April 15thApril 15th———Any takers for the Burnie Challenge? Cost is only $10 and you can download an entry form here: 
  • May 5th Saturday———Burnie HHH AGPUBurnie AGPU
  • May 18-20———The Great Hash Migration, Mombasa, KenyaThe Kenya
  • May 22-27———Interhash Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
  • June 8-10——Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Loch Pedder, see the attached flyer. Places are limited. If you intend going, please email Captain Condom (available(, Payment by direct deposit is available
  • July 21st——Launceston LH3 2000th R*n. Lots of Beer and a Really Big Fire.
  • July 13-22 ——Hedo II H3 Campout at the Hedonism II Resort, Negril, Jamaica. gigJamaica. Check out this tempting gig——the link is

Aussie Nash Hash Brisbane, May 4--6th, 20136th, 2013
Interhash 25--27 July 2014 Brussels, Belgium - Think about it… Seriously!

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