March 21, 2012

Ewes Know Who Ewes Are

Those attending last week's Devonport Hash set by the Bast*rd, somewhere in the dastardly Dial Ranges, will probably know already where this week's r*n commences. Your poxy Blog-Mistress has had to resort to other more devious means... such as email...

There will be no leeches, no blackberries (electronic variety excepted) and no hills, at least nothing which warrants a significant contour line on the map. This week's Hare Flasher is setting from his old wa*king mate Les-Bean's house in McCabe Avenue, Devonport. Bring the usual crap, and don't forget your raffle money.
Monday, March 26th, 6.30 pm.. Last r*n before the end of daylight savings. On-on at The Bluff!

On! On!

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