March 15, 2011

The long and the short of it...

Turners Beach now holds the record for the two shortest runs in Devonport History. The trail circled around Maggie's place and ended on Blackburn Drive under the 2km mark. The elite running athletes amongst us, namely GA and Dint, improvised an extended run trail, as did some of the fanatic walkers. Tucker and booze made up for lack of trail plus we had a brilliant circle with virgin lip GoneAgain. Special mention also goes to Flasher for the excelent raffle prizes on offer which tonight included stolen and otherwise illegaly procured property.

Next run from Poxy's Place in Eugene Street, Devonport. Also don't forget Lunar Hash is running next sunday (March 20th) from Fern Glade Falls, just out of Burnie (5pm).

Young ladies on electric scooter kept a close eye on the old
buggers running in the shadows of their hood...

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