March 5, 2011

Back to normal...

What is normal in any case? Devonport’s Monday r*n is 6.30pm from Parramatta Creek, with the On On back at Bells Parade in Latrobe. Guess that is about as normal as it gets, and normally it is pretty fricken cold there at Bells Parade too....

Anyways, as most of you who lived to tell the tale know, we have survived NashHash. Everything went surprisingly smooth despite the Mismanagement Committee having dozens of volunteers getting in the way of everything. It is hard to serve pizza when you are hungry, or beer when you are thirsty,...

We seem to have left Hobart in tact, albeit a little shell shocked. The staff at The renowned Ball and Chain steak restaurant at Salamanca Place for instance were reluctant to serve selected Hashers wine with their dinner, presumably based on a recent bad experience they had with people wearing similar bad taste t-shirts to ours. Perhaps we are not their target audience.

Many of us strayed into the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) at Moorilla on the way home, and nobody was left un-impressed. How could you not be impressed by a museum that offers free entry, is open till 11pm, has the best restaurant (The Source) and several good cafes, offers accommodation (The Pavillions) and has 150 'c#nts' on display, a poo-machine,  a morbidly obese Porsche, knowledgeable staff on each corner, a high tech iPod guide to explain everything you see complete with artist interviews and at the end of the visit can even email you a link of where you walked and what you saw in the museum.


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