September 7, 2010

Dyke's Runaround the block

We ran around Dyke's extended block and had down downs in his cozy garage, we were pretty much on best behaviour and didn't cause too much damage overall.
  • Next run at Trackas: 98 Best Street - Devonport
  • Trial business cards have arrived, they look pretty fancy for Hashers. We will enjoy them for Nash Hash. If you want to order some:  $35 for a box of 250 please check with GoneAgain. 
  • Other important dates according to Burnie's Trash (Bold items below have changed recently!):
September 11th, Saturday—Shrek’s 50th Birthday bash @ 13 Alma St., Youngtown
September 18th, Saturday— HOFT to East Pillinger south of Queenstown
Sept 23rd, Thursday 7pm— LoonRhasH @ Legana Tavern set by LH4 Hares
October 2-3—Launceston LH3 1900th R*n—campover at Scary’s place, 4 Brewer St. Lulworth. BYO food, BYO grog or buy beer from the LH3 trailer.
October 2-3—H5 Oktoberfest at the Blue Water Hotel Orford, $50 gets you 2 r*ns, 2 circles, dinner, 1550th r*n memento. Book your own accommodation. Pay H5 Hash Cash C*nt Stop.
October 25th Monday, 6.30pm—H4’s 2100th run, Huon Valley (venue to be confirmed). Run, Roast, Badge, $25 (pay extra for Tshirt). Run set by the JM’s Pork Sword and Spoof.
10.10. 2010, Sunday —Global Harriettes R*n
October 16-17th—The Burnie Hash Burnie Ten Weekend - This year’s Tequila ..two Tequila..Arriba! Arriba! Arriba! Register separately for the race now at
November some time (TBA) — Launceston LH4 850th R*n @ Anson's Bay
November 1st, Monday 6.30pm—Combined Clubs “Kids with Cancer” charity r*n from Hobart College, Olinda Grove Mount Nelson. $20, all donated to a Tasmanian charity supporting kids with cancer. 
November 13th— Devonport Hash 30th Anniversary pyjama party @ Tracka’s place, Tarleton Road Spreyton.
Sunday 20th Feb 2011—Burnie HHH Pre-lube—Burnie CBD
Monday 21st Feb 2011—Devonport Pre-lube—Devonport CBD
Tuesday 22nd Feb 2011—Launceston pre-lube—Cataract Gorge
Thursday 24th Feb 2011—Red Dress R*n, Hobart CBD
February 25-27th, 2011—Aussie Nash Hash, Hobart - Register now!!! 
Interhash 2012 May 22-27th, Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia—registration US$120 rising to US$150 on October 1st 2010

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