September 16, 2010

Dear Diary...

Last Monday's run required a Black Traka to show us where to go. Some liars apparently followed the non-trails, but I for one had no glasses with me, nor a light to read the cryptic run route with. I had no chance to keep up with the running real men, I just could not cough fast enough.  The walkers ended up at Mollies (via the most direct route no doubt).

Captain Crab and Hermit kept me company. Thanks to the K9 Hermit Crab who was too young for Molly Malones (or whatever the excuse was) we decided against a Guinness at Mollies and hence we were home first. Yes dear diary, I finally won at Hash!

The first batch of beer  that arrived was warm... Should I continue?

Best pizza ever from Domino's (contradiction in terms?), which I devoured without my drugs as I was locked out of my car and my Fanny May had gone AWOL. Dint hates me for paying late. Cold beer arrived, highlight of my night!

Raffle was rigged, I won naaaating!

NEXT RUN set by Cheese from 34 William Street in Ulverstone...
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Anna G.A. Frank


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