September 4, 2010

Dyke's Pad

Next monday, 6th of May, at Dyke's pad on Tugrah Road, Devonport! Look for the parked cars.
Also don't forget the Old Pillinger HOFT orgy-nised by Chunder and Gonzo on 18th of September! More info in Burnie's trash, and watch this space closer to the date.


PS Found in the Trash...
Hush hash you bastards!
In February you will attend the very best Nash Hash event in the history of Hash because it is being run and organised by your two headed peers. To this end we need to quash any competition from our mainland cousins in the realm of Nash Hash Acts through some outstanding Tassie Nash Hash Acts. I know you can do it. I see how you act each week at your down down sites. So put your thespian hats on (yes, it is legal here in Tassie) and let me know what you come up with.
Cheers Buddha (

Gratuitous photo from the drowned out 08 09 10 11 Tour de Pisse; Raining cats and dogs...

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