December 8, 2008

Prickles Update

At last! The halfway point. A chance to re-supply and prove to our awaiting friends and family that we have not eaten each other and are still quite sane! (Questionable!!) Its been raining and hailing for the last six days or so and almost all our gear is soggy. Our food supply had become quite low and our meals were becoming interesting as we swapped bits and pieces and snacks to, all got enough to eat. The terrain has been truly amazing. Breathtaking views, massive cliffs and some of the most stunning old growth forest you can imagine. We have traversed skylines, swam and waded rivers, climbed through gorges and bashed thru some of the most inhospitable, disgusting thick scrub I have ever seen. All thanks  to the navigation skills of the men and the great teamwork. I am looking forward to the rest of the trip, through some different countryside and no doubt complete with its own challenges for us. Many, many, thanks to Stretch for the wonderful hospitality at wombat Glen, and heartfelt thanks to Kath, Steve and Mike for being there for me. See you all at the other end; ON-ON!

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