January 19, 2007

Vale Monty Munden

A pussy for all seasons - departed the last of his nine lives January 13th 2007.

My great friend Monty was a fine example of his Oriental breed; tall, elegant, faintly striped charcoal with almost constant conversation and a magnificent voice. Many of his personality traits were those to which his owner aspires; a seeker of warmth and comfort, a passion for singing loudly out of tune late at night, an appreciation of native birdlife, and the preservation of an aristocratic demeanour balanced with a healthy dose of rough.

During his 12 odd years, Monty conducted a great deal of first-hand research:
the causes of allergic reactions to felines in humans
flea collars and how to lose them
the habitat of the mixomatosis flea
internal parasites, where to find them and how to share them around
fine furniture and its efficacy as a scratching post
carpet staining techniques using blood, fur, feathers and the green wobbly bit
the rising cost of snakebite treatments
administration of medication for beginners (funnel and first aid kit included)

He was a member of The Dismemberment Society, the Canine Offence League, the Fel-Harmonic Choir, and held a Gold Frequent Shopper card at Uncle Roger’s Veterinary Practice.

Monty welcomed all comers to our home by occupying their lap, pumbling delightedly with claws fully extended and purring like a Lamborghini. Not everyone appreciated this, but they all remembered him and they, like me, will miss that welcome next time they come through our doorway.


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