January 27, 2007

Receding Hareline Jan-Feb 2007

Here is the updated Receding Hareline.

  • Monday Jan 29th Thrust Alma Bridge (bring Insect repellant and change of clothes)
  • Monday Feb 5th Dyke Port Sorell Town Hall (bring change of clothes)
  • Monday Feb 12th Tracka Seymour St Tarleton (bring yourself)

    Extra Special Events:
  • Sunday Feb 11th Walk from Wilmot to Alma Bridge (38km downhill)
    Meet @ 7.30am @ Killers place.
  • Saturday Feb 17th Pig Pen Run @ Copping (see Hash Trashmania for details)

Note for hashers: This is not a regular website, it is a 'blog'. This means that the last postings always come up on top. Remember that if you want to post something here there is a nice way of doing it; email directly to waltervp.hhh123@blogspot.com and it will appear here within minutes! Please only use text email, fancy html style email does not work well at all, and neither do images! This email address mention will disappear soon before we get spammed!

I am on holidays with relatives, camping etc.... just visiting a library now, wasting valuable drinking time.


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