June 27, 2023

RUN NO. 2169Jun 19 2023 – Ratchet

DH3 RUN NO. 2169Jun 19 2023 – Ratchet, Isandula Rd. 

Spotted in the crowd; Bald Eagle, Black Tracka, Crow, Dint, F.C., Flasher, Guardsvan, Knickers, Lantern, Laydown, Maggie, Nez, Ratchet, Tinsel, Two Dogs. 

Freezing cold weather greeted the pack of fine hashers at beautiful downtown Isandula but it was very cozy in Ratchet and Knickers abode. Hare advice was that a short trail of 3k on gravel terrain was greeted with the usual derision. 

All arrived back uninjured and proceeded to shed their boots to avoid wallaby shititis inside. Food was great – soup, Bridgewater scallops and crumbles and cream. 

Crow, warming to his role as “rigged raffleeer” continued with great vigour in dealing out a variety of prizes guaranteed to incite discussion. 

Flasher’s fine Lippery: Downs for: Ratchet (hare) Knickers (host) Tracka (1,599 runs) Guardsvan (1,600 runs) F.C. (989 runs) Flasher (787 runs) Maggie (727 runs) Dint (1,245 runs) 

“Murder for a jar of red rum” is another single by the Palindromes. 

"poofter";  Aussie slang for a male homosexual, based on the permanent stretching of the anus that results from repeated anal sex, which causes farts to be emitted with a "pooft" sound rather than the usual, staccato "bra-a-a-p". 

NEXT DRINKS: Mon. 26th Jun 2023 Yep TBA [2170]
Mon. 3rd Jul 2023 Rumpole TBA [2171]

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