June 6, 2023

Flasher's run 2166


DH3 RUN NO. 2166 May 29 2023 – Flasher, 118 Upper Maude St, Ulv.

Bald Eagle, Black Tracka, Cheese, Crow, Dint, F.C., Flasher, Gyno, Killer, Lantern, Laydown, Maggie, Mr Ed (maiden), Nez, Ratchet, Rumpole, Seize-Her, Two Dogs, UFO, Warrior (maiden).

A cold and windy night failed to frighten a fine gathering of hashers and including a brace of maiden runners.

Off up Upper Maude Street surged the pack into a roaring gale. The relief with some reverse uphill down Hearps Road was well received.

Trail then wound back towards town along South Road. Here straggler F.C. and Two Dogs and two dogs headed back in a loop to Upper Maude Street to find an energetic troupe of runners (Lantern, Eagle, Crow, and Maggie). It appeared that they had found a rare MC at the foot of the zig zag track.

Back at Flasher’s ranch the action was on with soup bubbling for a first course. Unfortunately (some will argue with that) F.C. and Two Dogs and two dogs had to decamp and so news is a little hazy but more accurate if I make it up.

From the fine pics supplied by Laydown it is obvious that Flasher reveled in his Hash Lip duties.

Flasher’s fantastic Lippery: Downs for:

Flasher (hare) Cheese (890 runs) Lay Down (20 runs) Nez (170 runs) Dint (1,243 runs [Dyslexic lip]) Rumpole (FINO) Maggie (725 runs) Seize-Her (15 runs)


A man crawls into the emergency room profusely bleeding from his arse. "Somebody help! I've been raped by an elephant!"

The staff was able to get him into surgery to stop the bleeding. Examining the initial hole, the nurse was amazed. It was as wide as a dinner plate! She questioned him, "Sir, this hole is big. I mean, it's REALLY BIG. And I know that an elephant's penis is long and slender, not thick like this. An elephant certainly did not do this."

The man replied, "He fingered me first."


LAST RUN: Mon. 22nd May 2023 Tracka Boat Ramp Victoria Parade [2165]

THIS RUN: Mon. 29th May 2023 Flasher 118 Upper Maude St., Ulv. [2166]

NEXT RUN: Mon. 5th Jun 2023 F.C. 190 Stubbs Road TB [2167]

NEXT +1: Mon. 12th Jun 2023 Thrust TBA [2168]

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