May 10, 2022

Run Report - May 9 2022 – Yep

DH3 RUN NO. 2114 May 9 2022 – Yep (Mission Hill)

Bald Eagle, Beaver Basher, Black Tracka, Cheese, Crow, Dint, F.C., Flasher, Lantern, Long John, Maggie, Tinsel, Turtle, Yep.

A shortish but appropriate run from Yep from his place on Mission Hill which headed out to the Surf Club and return (after a tricky little false trail up the hill).

Yep excelled as usual with fine and plentiful food – pizzas and a selection of health items. Some were a little disappointed at the lack of fish fingers.

Crow continued to disappoint with his rigged raffle prizes!
Again the Central Coast Cruisers turned up on time!
Lantern lipped with distinction and a few notable downs were:

Down-downs for: Yep (Hare); Crow (1130 runs); Black Tracka (1,556 runs); F.C. (959 runs).

Long John held court with his captive audience of bushwalkers and greenies and others using his private map collection.

LAST RUN: Mon 2nd May 2022 Hare: Debrie. Where: Oz Rock [2113]
THIS RUN: Mon. 9th May 2022 Hare: Yep Where: Mission Hill [2114]
NEXT RUN: Mon. 16th May 2022 Hare: FC Where: Stubbs Road [2115]
NEXT +1: Mon. 23rd May 2022 Hare: Maggie Where: TBA [2116]

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