May 25, 2022

HashTrash - May 16 FC from Stubbs Road


DH3 RUN NO. 2115 May 16 2022 – F.C. (Stubbs Road) 

Caught attending: Bald Eagle, Crab, Cheese, Crow, Dint, F.C., Flasher, Gyno, Killer, Lantern, Maggie, Shagadelic,  Texarse, Two Dogs.

A cold and wet day but miraculously dry for the run and a full moon bonus.
F.C. mercifully set a short and uncomplicated run and no apologies for that. 

The short false trail which ran South attracted the pack like moths to light but it was very short. Trail proper then ran North among the random wallaby carcasses to a Master Check at Bienefelt’s Road where walkers (not Eagle) were meant to find a HHH. Runners were then intended to continue to a HHH at the brothers Webb’s barn. Obviously, the idea was for a short run and to keep people warm and avoid freezing bottoms off – Perhaps I am missing something! 

Gyno turned up late - but better late than never! Two Dogs cooked beautiful dim sims and rice and escaped a down due to other distractions. The lack of soy sauce elicited the usual response from some hashers. Texarse helped with food and distribution and that was much appreciated. 

Lantern lipped well as usual and a few notable downs were:  F.C. (Hare), F.C. (960 runs); F.C. (metho in stubby holder); 

Apologies for the focus on F.C. (me) but fill in your own memories here as mine has disappeared. 

Crow’s rigged raffle continued to surprise and disappoint. 

Soff appears comfortable at Mt. St. Vincent Nursing Home and F.C. and Two Dogs visited him recently. It is difficult and long-winded to get access but is possible and  Soff seems quite lonely. T.P. attempted to visit at the same time but time constraints prevented him. 

LAST RUN: Mon 9th May 2022 Hare: Yep. Where: Mission Hill [2114] THIS RUN: Mon. 16th May 2022 Hare: FC Where: Stubbs Road [2115] NEXT RUN: Mon. 23rd May 2022 Hare: Maggie Where: Oz Rock Inn [2116] NEXT +1: Mon. 30th May 2022 Hare: Turtle Where: TBA [2117]

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