March 29, 2022

RUN REPORT 2107 March 21 2022 – Lantern (Durkins Road)

Bald Eagle, Beaver Basher, Black Tracka, Cheese, Crow, Dint, F.C., Flasher, Gone Again, Guardsvan, Gyno, Killer, Lantern, Maggie, Ratchet, Shagadelic, Tinsel, Turtle. 

A clever cat run by Lantern at Durkins Road. Cunning Crow conned the Central Coast Cruisers into ignoring the start as marked and heading uphill to where he imagined that Lantern would finish the run. 

This turned out to be a fine coup for Crow – he led Maggie and FC straight to the HHH. To be fair these three took to the back end (like any good poofter) and after a couple of kilometres caught up with the incoming Flasher and Cheese and returned home. 

Trail proper by all accounts was excellent as per Lantern’s usual. Lantern and Beaver Basher’s culinary efforts were outstanding and even slowed down the gannets. The rigorously rigged raffle continued in that theme under Crow’s control. 

Chance alcohol prizes still consistently favour the Central Coast Cruisers hash subcommittee. 

One shy hasher entertained all by his account of his recovery from a very bad Koff only to come down with something else that is quite cuntagious. 

Lip Lantern continued to distinguish himself and a few notable downs were: Down-downs for: 
Lantern (Hare); Black Tracka (1,550 runs); Crow (1,125 runs); Maggie (680 runs); Ratchet (323 runs); Turtle (??); 

Cheese disgraced himself by proving that Turtle is really a wranger by pantsing her as she did a noble down for unknown reasons. 

The highlight or lowlight of the evening was the blindfold surprise for Flasher hatched by a conniving pair (Lantern and Beaver Basher). We all know how Flasher fantasizes over hairless pussies – well Beaver Basher’s hairless pussy felt very familiar to Flasher’s learned touch (as pictured). 

LAST RUN: Mon 14th Mar. 2022 Hare: Crab Where: Otto’s Grotto [2106] THIS RUN: Mon 21st Mar. 2022 Hare: Lantern Where: Durkins Road [2107] NEXT RUN: Mon. 28th Mar. 2022 Hare: Gyno Where: Dell Luck Don [2108] NEXT +1: Mon. 4th Apr. 2022 Hare: Killer Where: TBA [2109]

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