November 4, 2017

Mt Owen HOFT

Hi all,
Just a quick note to say it's all go for tomorrow.
Snow expected down to 800m tonight.
Mt Owen is 1100m, but the snow will melt fairly quickly.
Just in case, bring a change of shoes and socks as we could end up with wet feet.
If there's no snow, then there's no water, unless we go down to Crater Lake on the back side (time permitting), so bring something to drink.
You also need to prepare for all seasons, so a spray jacket or something waterproof in your backpack is also a good idea and maybe some additional clothing if it gets cold, and maybe a hat or beanie (depending on if the sun is out or not).
Don't forget your phone and/or camera.
Mt Owen is impossible to get lost on unless you're very stupid, so the weather, what ever it is, won't be a factor unless the mountain is clouded in.
If there's a bit of snow, I reckon it will only add to the scenery.
Numbers, as I remember are -
Me, Tracker, Tinsel, Poxie, PB and guest, from Devonport, and maybe Crab.
From Burnie – Ringo, Swordy and Pucker Boy, Ratchet and Knickers.
That makes 11 or 12 – please advise me if I've left anyone out.
Tracker and Tinsel are going via Cradle and will meet us in Tullah at 10.30 a.m.
The rest of us will meet at Maccas in Burnie at 9 and car-pool.
Anyone who wants to stay at Tullah on the way home needs to let Knickers know.
I'm planning to come home at this stage – I've only got room for one passenger in my car.
See you all tomorrow (did I say a short note?),

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