November 21, 2017

DH3 Cummittee 2017/18
as unfairly elected by sum

Grandmaster - Crab
Joint Masters - Pioneer and Bastard
Trailmasters - Bald Eagle and Maggie Walkers
Trailmasters - Soff and Shagadellic
Hare Raiser- Guardy
Hash Hops - Cheese
Hash Cash - Dint
Hash Stats - Tracka
Hash Lip - Crow and Soff
Hash Flash - Gone Again
Hash Hawker - Bastard
Beer Bitch - Tinsel
Hash Scribe - Tracka and Tinsel
Hash Texta - Guardy
Hash Monk - Cistern Independent
Hash Marriage Guidance Councilors - Koff and Dint
Wrigged Wraffle - Tracka

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