October 21, 2017

RE: Mt Owen HOFT

Happy HOFTing and ONON.




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Hi all,


I have now locked in a date for my HOFT at Mt Owen (Queenstown).

It will be on the Sunday of the long weekend in November (November 5).

We can meet at Macca's in Burnie at 9.00 a.m. and car pool to the West Coast, with the plan to be on the track by 11 or a bit after.

Knickers has some plans for tea at Tullah on the way back, or even staying overnight in Tullah, but I will let her explain all that.


Bit of This – could you please pass on details (via E-Mail) to all Burnie Hashers.


I've attached an amended flyer for anyone who hasn't seen it before – should be a great HOFT.



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