July 26, 2010

Horrorscopes: The Moon in Uranus

Devonport,Burnie and Launceston Hashers all rolled up and downed pants tonight at Otto's Grotto in celebration of LoonRhasH's first birthday. A stroll to Cafe RA was followed by a circle and traditional mooning under a perfect sky. The Grand Loon, Black Tracka, captivated the assembled throng with an inspirational lippery until they realised there was cake and trampled him. The new LoonRhasH song had its first massacring - hearing that cacophony once a month will be more than adequate.
Devonport poxy lip Dint then took over and meted out the usual downs. Meanwhile Crow tried a bit of a pyrotechnic show, but with a short damp wick he was never going to ruffle any feathers.

Next week's run will be set by Bastard from Pioneer's Place, Adina Court, Penguin.

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