August 19, 2008

Whodaman in Hobart?

A bunch of Hobart Hashers came to witness GoneAgain's public event... Hard to recognise them in their monkey suits! In case you are wondering who these respectable people are; GoneAgain, Grizzly, LoneArranger, Dogshit and Sugarbabe, and a young virgin. And I am pleased to report that all of these have dhash emails! Rocky Horror and Missus made an appearance too but missed out on the group hug/photo - unless he is standing behind Grizzly!
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Anonymous said...

Missing from the photo is Rocky Horror from H5. Top effort by all involved, including that funny little Dutch guy whose name I could remember a moment ago but now it's gone again. I was feeling somewhat ill by the end due to motion sickness, but that happens to me playing computer games too.

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