August 6, 2008

Global Harriettes r*n this Saturday!!!

  • R*n starts: This Saturday August 9th, 3.30 pm
  • From: The Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road Ulverstone, set by your hare DT.
  • Dress: Like a Harriette. This will include a bra which you will nobly donate to the Rotary Uplift Charity. Yes I know some Harriettes don't wear bras. Get over it. Just wear one. Or several.
  • Cost: The usual, $10. This will buy you a cocktail, chocolates, circle drinks (pink and fizzy) and tucker, possibly including birthday cake.
  • On On: Removed to 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler, where Ratchet will be continuing to celebrate his 60th birthday from the day before.
  • Bring: Extra drinks for a big night. Bedding for a really big night. Earplugs and condoms for a huge night.

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