February 11, 2008

HOFT to St. Valentines Peak- Updated Details

This coming Sunday, North West Hashing’s very own Casanova hosts a HOFT to the romantically pointy mountain behind Burnie.

Join Dyke for a chance to wear your heart on your sleeve (after it leaps out of your chest halfway up the mountain), walking through bush and rainforest to the summit, around 1100 metres elevation.

Expected walking time is approx 2 hours 30 minutes return.  

Bring lunch, drink, coat and money for counter meal and ales afterwards at La Porchetta in Burnie.

Meet at the junction of Ridgley Highway and Natone Road (31km south of Burnie) at 11 am sharp for convoy to the starting point.

Latecomers (that’s you, Ringo) will find themselves excluded, as the road is being closed for the staging of a bitumen rally shortly thereafter.  Road access is barred until 4.30 pm.

On On!


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