April 10, 2007

Red Dress Run

Important Announcement for Next Weeks RUN 16/04/2007

This will be a first for Devonport HHH – A Red Dress RUN.Yes that’s right a RED Dress RUN.
You can choose to wear a red dress and pay another $5 for the privilege with all extra monies collected being donated to a worthwhile charity. I can’t remember the exact charity that was decided last night, but it was in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Grim Reaper.

If you choose not to wear a red dress you will feel left out, not part of the crowd, etc. Red Dress Runs have been part of Hash Lore for quite a while and are always used as a fundraiser for worthwhile charities. So come on – drag out those red cocktail dresses and put them on for this occasion. (Ladies can even wear red dresses as well).

Run starts from Hiscutt park in Penguin at Windmill.

On On.

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