April 10, 2007

Anzac Day HOFT

Another HOFT (Hash Old Farts Trekkers) adventure.

Depending on the weather either:-
  1. Walls of Jerusalem
  2. Alternate walk nearby (still trying to find the name of the hill near Deloraine)

More details to follow!

What is HOFT: Intention is for easy to medium day walk that can be achieved by carrying only a day pack (or similar).
Starting at walk start point at around 8am (depending on start point) and back for completion by around 3.30pm to 4pm to enable a stop at a nearby pub for refreshment.

No special bushwalking gear needed (apart from good shoes/boots and socks).
All walkers are over 40 years old (sorry PB and Thrust) and are not super fit but are reasonably able to walk up to 30 - 35km in a day.

Most importantly we do this for enjoyment

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