May 5, 2023

RUN NO. 2162 Report – Laydown


DH3 RUN NO. 2162 May 1 2023 – Laydown, Pumping Station Rd, Forth

Bald Eagle, Black Tracka, Cheese, Crow, Dint, F.C., Gyno, Killer, Lantern, Laydown, Nez, Rumpole, Seize-Her, Shagadelic, Thrust, Tinsel. 

Out of the gloom appeared a miniature Taj Mahal – the beautiful abode of Laydown. It was immediately obvious that we had the correct destination on account of the check at the gate which could be seen from the space station.

Seating and fires and heaters abounded and three beauties were busy inside doing a Crow chef impersonation except for the dangling smoke.

Off ran/walked/limped the pack up Pumping Station Road. When the stragglers caught the first Master Check back towards them came several blind hashers who had missed the huge MC. Here the hapless FC decamped and limped home.

Fine hors d'oeuvres were followed by great food and slippery. Of course Crow’s rigged raffle lived up to its reputation – a few good prizes and quite a few not so good.

This was a magnificent maiden hare run for Laydown. Nez braved the night air for a rare run. Seize-Her was fresh from his mercenary trip to Sri Lanka and ready to host the run after next.

Gyno’s gripping Lippery:

Downs for:
Laydown (Hare)
Thrust (co-Hare)
Rumpole (co-Hare)
Eagle (1,730 runs)
Killer (393 runs)
Lantern (888 runs)
Rumpole (23 runs consecutive nos.)
Seize-Her (11 runs)
Tinsel (669 runs)
Nez (166 runs and long absence)
Cheese (could be anything)
Hub (Gyno?)


An amazing new movie was released about a disabled seagull with a broken wing that learned to fly. Unfortunately the woke public ensured that it was immediately cancelled. They were upset that a movie about a right wing extremist was in the public eye.

 Unfortunately NASCAR has been cancelled..... The woke people heard that it was a human traffic ring.


LAST RUN: Mon. 24 th Apr 2023 Shagadelic Brewstone, Port Sorell [2161]
THIS RUN: Mon. 1 st May 2023 Laydown 120 Pump Stn Rd, Forth [2162]
NEXT RUN: Mon. 8 th May 2023 Gyno KTek, Don [2163]
NEXT +1: Mon. 15 th May 2023 Seize-Her TBA [2164]

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