February 24, 2023


 HASH TRASH DH3 RUN NO. 2152 Feb 20 2023 – Eagle

Spotted:  Bald Eagle, Black Tracka, Cheese, Crow, Dint, F.C., Guardsvan, Gyno, Laydown, Poxie, Ratchet, Rumpole, Shagadelic, Two Dogs. 

A fine gathering of Hashers were assembled at Torquay Road. The David Street entrance still fooled at least one and Tracka rescued that. Off went the pack northerly up David Street to John Street to Mary Street then through Mary’s wetlands and up Caroline Street then Upper Drew Street then to FINO Street. Laydown (minus her massive dog) seemed to delight in her new freedom and set off at a blistering pace – well enough to provoke blisters anyway. 

Back at the ranch intelligent conversation and the obligatory inspection of Eagle’s Midget Tax Toy ensued. Then Dint entered to give a very detailed and flattering dissertation on his stellar running career – a 32 34 38? Burnie Ten……zzzzzzzzzz. A great dog fart from Alfy or Bentley (Two Dogs two dogs) soon provided an interruption for some air. 

Eagle’s great food was appreciated by all. Crow’s rigged raffle was its usual smashing success. Poxie was the wine winner. Others were suitably impressed with their winnings! 

Gyno’s lively Lippery was: Downs for: 

Eagle (Hare) Tracka (1,585 runs), Cheese (876 runs), Dint (1,231 runs), Gyno (77 runs),  Ratchet (345 runs),  Shagadelic (210 runs), Two Dogs/FC (socks), Rumpole (??), Crow/Poxie (yacht launch), Gyno (forgetting Eagle’s 1,720 runs), Eagle (1,720 runs), Hub (??) In Crow’s safe hands 

The night drew to a close with a few green ginger wines and fine port. Tracka wisely observed that the port cask had his name on him “Tawney”. I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised. 


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