February 14, 2022



DH3 RUN NO. 2101 February 7 2022 – Flasher (Picnic Pt.)

Bald Eagle, Cheese, Crab, Crow, Dint, F.C., Flasher, Gyno, Killer, Lantern, Maggie, Mouldy, Ratchet,

Shagadelic, Tinsel, Tracker, Turtle, UFO.

An excited Flasher and helpful UFO had things organised at a site that some found a little difficult to find on account of their mental mapping failures.

The run/walk wound along the beach, over the railway line and then to FINO in West Ulverstone. A shortish and pleasant event.

Several hot hashers found the surf for a cool down. The pizzas were plentiful and even satisfied the gannets. A re-invigorated Eagle tied his best to devour a complete GF pizza but failed miserable. Crow pigged into a HOT pizza and it was!

Crow’s roughly rigged raffle continued and once the reasonable prizes had disappeared the offensive plastic porn VHS appeared for an over 18 year old FC.

Minister for self-publicity Dint droned on about his date (not the arse-hole that he proudly displayed) but food for thought!

Down-downs for: Flasher (Hare); UFO (Hairette); Cheese (828 runs); FC (950 runs); Lantern (835 runs); Turtle (Missed MC); Ratchet (Spillage); Cheese (Publicity – bowls); Maggie (Maturity – old age).

Well done Flasher.

LAST RUN: Mon 31st Jan. 2022 Hare:Cheese Where: Amherst St [2100]
THIS RUN: Mon 7 th Feb. 2022 Hare Flasher Where: Site 13, Picnic Pt CP

NEXT RUN: Mon 14 th Feb. 2022 Hare T&T Where: Maidstone Pk. [2102]
NEXT +1: Mon 21 st Feb. 2022 Hare:

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