January 13, 2021

Run 2048



From: Karen <kand1969@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 6 January 2021 8:25 PM
To: trash2@dhash.com
Subject: Run 2047


Hare/s                          : Knickers

Where                          : Rotunda, Meredith St, Port Sorell

When                           :  Monday 18th January 2021, 6.30pm for 6.45pm START              

Cost                             :  $15.00

Bring                            :  Chair

Notes:                         :    “I am getting pissed off with Hashers not replying to texts for the next run, and then turning up.


At Killers run, only 13 hashers replied, but there was about 18?  turned up.  This had the end effect of running out of beer & cider!!  Only for the goodness of Killer having some extras saved the day. I personally had a dry night!!


What is the point of having a text system to assist with catering when hashers don’t use it?”  If you know of someone not on this this please forward this email so the issue can be rectified. Any new hasher should be pointed in my direction to spit out their details and also check Fb page.


Hashers riding motor bikes to Port Sorell run are to meet at  Crows, Oz Rock Inn, Ulverstone leaving at 6pm SHARP in real time – not Crow time.


New DHHH polo $35

Thanks Shagadelic.

Receding Hareline:  

Run 2049 – 25/1    Soff (1000th Run & Aust Day)

Run 2050 – 1/2   Cheese’s B’day Bash

Run 2051 – 8/2    Debrie

Run 2052 – 15/2    Pioneer

Run 2053 – 22/2   Gone Again

Run 2054 – 1/3    Tracka 

Run 2055 – 8/3   Flasher

Run 2056 – 15/3   Crab

Run 2057 – 22/3   Shagadelic

Run 2058 – 29/3   Maggie

Crow, Koff/Foggy, Dint, Lantern,



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