November 24, 2020

AGM Minutes

Grand Mattress – Shagadelic
Joint Masters – Bald Eagle & Killer
Hash Hops – Cheese
Trail Master Runners – Turtle, Walkers – Koff
Hash Cash – Crow
Rigged Raffle – Flasher
Hash Lip – Lantern
Lower Lip – Turtle
Beer Bitch – Koff
Web Wanker – Shagadelic/Gone Again
Hash Texter – Shagadelic
Hash Flash – Gone Again
Hash Marriage Guidance – Black Tracka

Hash Monk - TBA (no religion too? ... Imagine there's no
It's easy if you try, No hell below us,
Above us only sky...)

Hash Cummittee in Devonport,... well, some secret location near Devonport,....

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