February 4, 2015

Run 1755

And so, about 20 hashers and 2 dogs met at the Ulverstone Rowing Club for Run 1755 on the occasion of Cheeze's 50th birthday. After a bit of an amble along the Leven River past Pier 01, the walkers ambled around and through the CBD of Ulverstone and I have't a clue where the runners went, and neither did Thrust who managed to not catch up with anybody. Guardy did the right thing and waited for her.

On On back to the place where we go regularly - this time every year for a smorgasboard of pizza prepared by Pistol Pete in his pizza oven on the back patio.  After some discussion between Bastard and Dint about who was going to do the Lip - it came down to Dint doing the honours.

Some notable numbers were;   Fanny May - 101,  GA - 246, Trakka - 1233 and Triple Top for her 50th birthday.  They say her birthday bash on the Peppermint Cruise and afters down South were pretty special. Pistol Pete also received a down for missing 52 runs. The Hub is still missing - allegedly still with Tripple Top.

Lunah Full Moon Hash is on this Thursday - meet at the carpark at the back end of Wells and Sons Latrobe at the normal time and the On On is at Mackay's pub.

Next weeks run will be at Crows in and around the salubrious premises called the Oz Rock Inn and everyone knows where that is!

Runs cuming up are  -
16   Feb    Flasher  - at Flashers place, on Upper Maud St, West Ulverstone
23   Feb    Bonor - off South Road West Ulverstone adjacent to where South Road  goes under  the Bass Highway, on the South side  - watch out for the signs,
2    Mar  Fanny May  TBA
9    Mar  Dint    TBA

Feel free to offer to host runs over the next  few months - too few are hosting too many.

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