January 7, 2015

Wet Tee Shirt Run

Recent run???
Run 1751.

The Caravan Park Run, or the Water Pistol Run, or the Wet Tee Shirt Run - your call!  And so about 20 or so hashers met in front of the Oz Rock Inn armed with  various devices that propel water to make you wet. With a combination of a bucket thrown about by Cheez, the big gusher pointed around by Flasher, and various other weapons, most hashers were wet before On On was called.

And so the pack left the Inn, heading west before encountering Indians, then a stroll along the beach heading east.  It was noticeable that the trail did not pass through the Caravan Park - wonder why?

The pack regathered adjacent to the new toilet block at the eastern end of the Buttons Creek sometime caravan park and refilled their weapons. And so the battle commenced.  Not much of a battle really, not many kids, not many vans,  but those that participated enjoyed. Except a little feller who got a bit upset after receiving a concentrated field of fire.

On arriving back at the Inn, some Hashers took advantage of Crows big pool in front of the Inn and made sure they were completely wet by immersing themselves fully clothed.  Those that were wearing thin tee shirts were most spectacular (photos anyone?? - ed.).

Back at the Inn, the firepot was on fire and doing the right thing about warming those with thin teeshirts. Somewhere along the line, some CD's were found and it has been established that a female can, by using her anatomy, stop 5 CD's from falling to the ground (photos again??).

Crow provided fish and chips - all very nice except those at the front of the queue heaped their plates with chips so those at the back of the queue missed out on the chips - but the fish and salad was nice.

As it was Lip time, Bastard made the announcement that he and Cheeze would do the Lip for the rest of the year following on from FC's decision to forgo that role.

Some notable downs included - Cheeze 505 runs, GV 1290 runs, Poxie 510 runs, Soff (that's me) 780 runs, Bastard 1020 runs and Eweturn 15 runs.

As the Hub was not present (probably still on the side of the Bass Highway outside Lantern's place waiting for Bald Eagle to come by - which he did not) it did not pass go.

Poxie (welcome back) got a down for responding to GV's txt three times yes.

The raffles were won and lost - and I lost again - numbers either side!

Crow brought out a cask of port - wonderful everyone thought - but it was half empty.  But he did bring out another half empty bottle of something special.

  • Next weeks run is at the Henry Somerset Reserve, on the Latrobe to Railton Road, set by Tracka with the On On back at Bells Parade.
  • The run after that is from the Rotunda at Port Sorell, set by Rachet and Knickers, (confirmed) and those with motorcycles will meet at Crows by 6pm for a ride to the run. If you want to be a pillion, ask around.


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