February 15, 2011

Love is complicated

And so GoneAgain set the most complicated trail ever devised for Valentine's day 2011. Set with a combination of white flour, blue and pink chalk, a tonne of R&W arrows, past the old and closed forever sex-store (closed due to lack of clients as it was so well hidden), a bunch of churches and public loos.

FannyMay made some love-ly creations, including a broken-heart jelly and chocolate heart shaped cakes. Company was exceptional as was our exempliary behaviour - apart from Dint yelling across the yard that he didn't send some spunks (Pioneer and Tinsel) a valentine's card as they hadn't sucked his cock lately (and apparently Koff did and was rewarded with romantic stuff).

Next week's busy schedule:

  • February 18th, Friday 7pm LoonRhasH @ the Forth Hotel (Buy your own meal and drinks, BYO Moon)
  • Sunday 20th February 5.30pm—Burnie Pre-lube—Club Hotel, Burnie CBD
  • Monday 21st February 6.30pm—Devonport Pre-lube—Devonport Bluff (only $20 for any combination including or excluding run/shirt).
  • Tuesday 22nd February—Launceston Pre-lube—Launceston Rugby Club - Home Point Parade, off Seaport Boulevard... NashHash here we come!!

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