October 3, 2010

Close to Victory

Devonport Hash running from the Motocross site on Dial Road past the Golf Club, 7kms out of out of Penguin. The OnOn at Bastard's place in Penguin... 630pm time start as per usual,don't forget we are in Summer Time now, and mind your Pints and Quarters thank you.

Now to other business; Last weeks Burnie HHH, which was run in our region, almost ended up in a gloriously sweet victory for Devonport Hash. Our two-timing Dyke was about to be awarded the Burnie Hashit for a clever misdemeanor (the details of which failed to be memorable enough for me to recall). His valiant attempt was foiled in the last minute. Lucky he didn't break another arm.

A good Burnie show, horse and pony show really, especially when they got held up playing in the Port Sorell playground. Note the well camouflaged Devonport Hashers in the trees, pictured below, observing their Western neighbours' every move with high powered binoculars (you may need to click on the photo)....

Burnie Hash, you are being watched!

GoneAgain's mate from Canberra, David, has managed to escape name-free again - probably thanks to the clever diversion tactic he clearly copied from Dyke. David vehemently claims not to have met with Dyke previously. This might be true as he injured the wrong arm, which is clearly visible in the picture below if you look carefully;
Gimme a break...
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