December 10, 2007

HOFT scramble

We had it all: sand, sun, rain, wind, grass seeds and burrs, climbs, rocks, deep grass, snakes and roos...
The pleasant beach walk to Shearwater was a bit of an epic, but we made it all. Some of us straglers had to get a lift with bit-of-this for the final 3 kms on road, but Dogshit & partner still had to run at the end when we hit the trail again! Beer and food was our reward.

More photos coming from Dini...


Oh, and here is the map. It was 28 kilometers (I started my gadget a little past the start) till we hit the road at Hawleys (where I ran out of batteries...), and we walked an average of 4.9 km/hr, and the hills did not go over 30m in altitude.

Incidentally, the gadget is the Nokia N95 phone. The beach photo above was also taken with it! It is a5megapix camera, it takes decent film footage too and plugs directly into the TV for viewing! Also navigates my way around town when I get lost, with maps for the entire world free to download and update anytime. The downside is that for all these features it consumes a lot of power and the batteries do not last more then a day, and when using the GPS only about 4 hours!

Check it out at CNET or Myshopping.

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