November 19, 2007

Soff Run

Pictures are worth a thousand words....

Good run, great food. Even Burnie HHH runners managed to keep up with us athletes today! Burnie whimps had to discard 90% of their down downs before downing them, but hey, their loss! And with Bit-a-this I guess it wouldn't mix well with her Guinness in any case...

Thrust tried to get the floor, but sat there being ignored till the last possible down down...

Cheese did a fantastic lip for the night, just like every other 52 nights he did, we'll miss the bastard's performance. He sure raised the bar for the next lip!

Next run (26/11/07) at Bell's Parade in Latrobe but Bald Eagle will no doubt put out a new hare line shortly....

On on

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