May 27, 2007


Captain Crab (closely followed by Hermit Crab) and GoneAgain fronted up to Black Tracka at The Quadrant at the unGodly time of 730am. We made our way to the start of the Black Bluff Walk and clambered up the wet steep slippery trail. Heaps of mushrooms were sighted, none were eaten. We got to the tarn way up on the trail and sighted Black Bluff. Crab nigh on fainted, goneAgain coughed at the sight but Tracka was not that easily intimidated. Hermit followed Tracka blindly, and Crab and GoneAgain followed reluctantly.

Took us 3 hours to get up there without too much stress. Coming down was slippery. Crab almost stacked when he hit an unexpected flat bit, and GoneAgain was done coughing by the time we got back to the pub to watch the Kangaroos beat Melbourne.

Photos live here:

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