February 6, 2007

Pig Pen 2007

After much consumption of lubricant it has been decided that a delegation (I think the new plural word for more than 1 hasher) from Devonport HHH will attend the Pig Pen run at Copping on February 17th. Basic plan is to go there and come back on same day – tough job but someone has to do it.

  • Meet at Tracka’s at 7.45am on February 17th – Tracka can take a total of 8 Hashers (2 seats already taken) so if there are more attending then another vehicle will need to go.

  • Leave Tracka’s at 8am – Arrive at Copping at around 11.30am.

  • Run/Walk/Drink until around 5pm.

  • Leave Copping for Counter Attack at Ross around 6.30pm

  • Leave Ross at around 8pm and arrive back at Tracka’s around 10pm.

Bring $25 for Pig Pen run and extra $$ for counter attack.


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